TOURISTS BEWARE!!! Hannibal has the highest crime rate in NE Missouri. Shootings, Drugs, and Poverty prevail. Hannibal is rated 35 on a list of 500 worst cities in Missouri. Ferguson, Mo. is rated 41 and is safer! TOURISTS BEWARE!!!!

The high cost of BPW’s Union Labor Contract

The High Cost of BPW's Union Labor
Hannibal’s BPW customers pay the same Union Labor Rates as utility customers in St. Louis and Kansas City. BPW General Manager Robert Stevenson is the highest paid Hannibal City Employee at $126,000/yr. That is $7 for every man woman and child in Hannibal (population 18,000). In other cities, the City Manager is in charge of the utilities. That would save utility customers a lot of money. It gets even stranger than that. The City of Hannibal has a finance director. Guess what? BPW has a finance director also. Poor Hannibal, where 22% of residents live in poverty, can no longer afford the BPW. Take a look at some of these outrageous Union Labor Rates! A temporary laborer starts out at $16.16 per hour! What the heck is going on.
It’s time to spin off some of the BPW Utilities. Private companies would not have labor unions and can do a better job for a lot less money.
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