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TOURISTS BEWARE!!! Hannibal has the highest crime rate in NE Missouri. Shootings, Drugs, and Poverty prevail. Hannibal is rated 35 on a list of 488 worst cities in Missouri. Ferguson, Mo. is rated 41 and is safer! TOURISTS BEWARE!!!!

The Great Lagarce Speaketh:

“When difficult economic times prevail, the majority of Hannibal citizens don’t find themselves replacing luxury cars with fuel-efficient vehicles, or trading-in fur coats for more practical outerwear.” 1
  1. This is an excerpt from ‘City of Hannibal, Missouri, Management Discussion and Analysis For the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2015’
    The original document can be seen here.
    This is remarkable coming from Lagarce, who ‘manages’ a city in which 22% of the population lives in poverty, 15% are over 65 yrs. old, and 14% are handicapped. Source of statistics is US Census Bureau, and can be seen here.
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The Definition of Unethical

  1. immoral, wrong, improper, illegal, dirty, unfair, shady (informal), dishonest, unscrupulous, under-the-table, unprofessional, disreputable, underhand, unprincipled, dishonourable, not cricket (informal)“    I thought it was unethical for doctors to operate upon their wives.”

Some other things you might want to know about City of Hannibal finances

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Yes, we all know Hannibal does not have any money. But, just a minute. The financial filings of the city say just the opposite. Now I am not saying that anyone in particular is unethical. But………
Sales tax sources constitute the City of Hannibal’s largest revenue source. The 2014/15 audit year was the single largest sales tax year in Hannibal’s history.
Hannibal actually came in under the allotted budget in 2014/15. The reason less money was spent is 1) The Police department spent $164,141 under budget, and 2) the street department spent $82,857 less than budgeted.
Original Documents are Here
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