• Who makes $126,000 per year, $7000 less than the Governor!

  • And Came to my home to question my wife about an anonymous letter he had received,

  • And he still has time to print a brochure and campaign for Hannibal’s Prop. 1 and 2.

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BPW - High Salaries, Bad Water

Why it’s Robert Stevenson, head of BPW, of course!

Is it legal for the highest paid Hannibal employee to influence Prop. 1+2 and then do the same with the Hwy 61 annexation?

Robert Stevenson, General Manager of BPW is paid $126,000 per year. His salary breaks down to a little more than $1 a minute. So why is he trying to influence the Proposition 1 and 2 Referendum? Stevenson, who is also the treasurer of the Northeast Missouri Economic Development Council, was bold enough to put his name on a referendum flyer. At least City Manager Jeff Lagarce, who used Hannibal time and materials, left his name out of his Proposition 1 and 2 brochure. This resulted in Jeff Lagarce ($95,487 per year) being found guilty of Ethics violations by the Missouri Ethics Commission. Was this only the tip of the City Hall Iceberg? How many more illegal activities are being pulled off by The City Hall Mafia? The citizens of Hannibal have long been treated as a cash cow that can be milked for their profit. BPW Management wages are way out of proportion in Hannibal, where 22% of the population live in poverty.

The BPW is a terrific waster. Salaries for the BPW are astronomical for a city of 18,000. Some hourly workers at the BPW make over $50,000 per year. This at a time when citizens have genuine concern over the chemical Chloramine being added to their water to “SAVE MONEY”. Chloramine appears to have some really bad effects on people. Is Hannibal going to become another Flint, Michigan?

BPW refused to speak with WGEM News on camera Tuesday night. Public Relations Coordinator Kari Goodman said the utility was unhappy that WGEM News was speaking with its customers on stories and decided to place it on what it was calling a "media ban."
"There's a lot of issues that we've had that we've been frustrated with WGEM putting out information on news stories that focus on maybe not so much what we say, but what the public says."

Shame on WGEM, They mentioned the public’s concerns. Without the public BPW would not exist!!!!

Stevenson states using more energy is good!

Just when we thought Stevenson had displayed enough of his $126,000 a year blather, he stuns everyone! Forget what you have been told about energy conservation being good. Stevenson states that if the people of Hannibal would just use more energy, we would prosper. Stevenson told the crowd at the recent annexation meeting, “You either grow, or you die”. He cited the decrease in electrical usage in the city as one barometer of declining economic activity. Which brings up an even more interesting question. Why is Stevenson now involved in the annexation of resident’s property? It’s one thing to sell people tainted drinking water by day, so why take their homes also? So should we believe Stevenson about using more power? Residents’ could throw away their microwaves and go back to using more energy. That would make Hannibal prosper. Yeah, Right. If Hannibal is dying, as the Courier-Post says, it’s because Hannibal has forgotten those who pay the bills and gone chasing after the Tourist Dollar. Resident’s want to get the water situation straightened out, there is probably only one way. Tell the tourist’s, “The water in Hannibal isn’t safe to drink”. The powers that be at City hall would start taking care of the water immediately.

TOURISTS BEWARE!!! Hannibal has the highest crime rate in NE Missouri. Shootings, Drugs, and Poverty prevail. Hannibal is rated 35 on a list of 488 worst cities in Missouri. Ferguson, Mo. is rated 41 and is safer! TOURISTS BEWARE!!!!