Hannibal Police’ Speed Trap Revenue

Hannibal, Mo., Crime Statistics

TOURISTS BEWARE!!! Hannibal has the highest crime rate in NE Missouri. Shootings, Drugs, and Poverty prevail. Hannibal is rated 35 on a list of 500 worst cities in Missouri. Ferguson, Mo. is rated 41 and is safer! TOURISTS BEWARE!!!!

The Hannibal Police Department is tasked with generating revenue. To this end the department runs numerous speed traps. Salaries are bloated in this town of 18,000, in which 22% of residents live in poverty, 15% of residents are elderly and 14% are handicapped. Many of Hannibal’s city employees live outside the city limits and thus do not contribute taxes to the city. A large part of the Hannibal PD’s ‘earnings’ is spent on non-resident salaries. The 1 HPD has one of the worst crime rates in this part of Missouri.
  1. In this list of Missouri’s worst crime cities, Hannibal is #35. Ferguson, Mo. is 41, which makes Ferguson a safer place to live. Many neighborhoods have been totally abandoned by Hannibal Police. Neighborhood police patrols stopped years ago in most poorer neighborhoods.

America’s Hometown Speed Traps

US 61 all through town and US 36   Hannibal, Missouri
On 61, the speed limit rapidly decreases from 65 to 55, 45, and 35 as you enter town from north. Every traffic signal has a red light camera. As you go through town, the limit changes to 45, 55, back to 45, 55 again, and 65 as you exit. Every time I go through Hannibal, I see at least one cop. Also, on US 36 and I 72, the speed limit goes to 55 for no reason as it is a limited access road. There are always cops patrolling. Be very careful or just bypass town.

Hiway 61 and West Ely   Hannibal, Missouri
Tickets for Right Turn after stop. (photo) cost more to contest than pay.

Broadway Street near Riverfront Road   Hannibal, Missouri
Hannibal Police Department using patrol cars with radar, motorcycles mounted with radar, and police officers on foot hiding in bushes and off the decks of Schwartz Manor on Broadway with radar guns in hand. HPD harass young drivers who cruise Broadway from the Riverfront all the way out Broadway extension to St. Marys Ave to James Road especially at night. HPD also goes for the tourists and out of town drivers along with local drivers who drive this route seeing tourist sites and/or conducting business in the downtown area. Very sneaky tactics in order to write speeding tickets and other moving violations for revenue generation for the city.

US Highway 36 near Mississippi River Bridge   Hannibal, Missouri
After crossing into Hannibal, MO from Illinois on U.S. Route 36, you will crest the top of the hill. Usually sitting on the shoulder with rear radar active.

State Highway US 61 near Tom Boland Ford   Hannibal, Missouri
From the north end of US61 to the south end, there are 3 red light photo radar with hair triggers. Speed zones and hills are a factor with dramatic down shifts in speed and blind hill stop lights that are now armed with stop light photo. If you are even close, they send you a ticket and you can even watch it on-line, but it does no good to argue as you always lose.

Interstate 79 near Illinois Bridge   Hannibal, Missouri
A policeman waits under the second 55mph sign as you come off the bridge from Illinois just after you are used to going 65mph. I got nipped at 71 and fined $125 plus $257 of court bond fees that even though I paid on time through the mail.

State Highway 79 near Lover's Leap to I-72   Hannibal, Missouri
Speed trap is from high on the hill (city limits) near Lover's Leap through to I-72. The most common area for Hannibal Police to setup speedtrap is from Lover's Leap to the 3rd Street Viaduct. Police are especially tricky at times hiding vehicles on side roads, using motorcycles mounted with radar, and hiding in bushes with radar guns.

US Highway 61 near US Highway 61   Hannibal, Missouri
Speed trap runs from Warren Barrett Drive by General Mills plant all the way through Hannibal to past Highway 168 by the Tom Boland Ford Dealership. Federal money given to Hannibal Police Department to run radar almost around the clock in this high traffic area near schools, shopping and restaurants. Hannibal Police are paid up to 1 1/2 more for patroling this area of US Highway 61. Semis regularly speed through this area and run stoplights.

Southbound MO-79 south side of Hannibal   Hannibal, Missouri
Cop sits in parking lot of old convenience store on S side of viaduct and tickets drivers for 'exceeding speed limit in school zone' even when driver is not in school zone Watch out coming N into this area, you are heading down a steep slope and they will get you if 2-3 miles over the limit as you approach the school

US Highway 61 near State Highway 168   Hannibal, Missouri
Speed trap is from Warren Barrett Drive on the south of US Hwy 61 several miles straight through to about 1/2 mile north of State Hwy 168 near Tom Boland Ford. It is patroled mainly by the Hannibal Police Department who see this strip as a revenue generator for the city and for themselves. Officers are paid overtime pay for just patroling this stretch of Hwy 61. Overanxious policemen who are quick to write tickets to anyone, locals and out of towners. Fines and court costs are doubling in order to generate more revenue for the city. Truckers especially beware. Repeated speeding truckers who run stop lights are especially in the spotlight for heavy fines. MO State Hwy Patrol and Marion County Sheriff's Dept occasionally patrol the area too.

Hucklebery Road near Huckleberry Park Trail   Hannibal, Missouri
The police like to park close to the firemen's cars as to blend in, or at the parking lot of the apartments along the road