Hannibal City Hall has a Major Code Violation

Meanwhile, outside the city council’s window at city hall

For more than a year, live electrical wires have run alongside City Hall and through a basement window. The wires run outside the City Council’s room. City hall is where the building inspectors and code enforcement resides, and yes our city manager who was recently found guilty of ethics violations. Live electrical wires at ground level are a danger to playing children and everyone else. Residents of Hannibal should wonder why there is no code enforcement (except in tourist areas). Obviously if the City cannot take care of itself, it cannot take care of its citizens. My wife and I have gotten nothing but ‘ATTITUDE’ from Susan O., the Hannibal code enforcement official.
I have been told in the past, that I should attend city council meetings and bring some of these things to the council’s attention. I don’t know if I could do that without getting in trouble. How can I keep a straight face. “Member’s of the council, please go to the window and look out.”, “Do you see those electrical wires that are run through the basement window?”, “Well they are not supposed to be there.”
So you see it’s all my fault. I knew it! I hope no-one gets hurt because of my selfishness. None so blind as he who will not see.

Danger! City Hall Incompetence

Are these live electrical wires supposed to be at ground level???
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