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Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?
TOURISTS BEWARE!!! Hannibal has the highest crime rate in NE Missouri. Shootings, Drugs, and Poverty prevail. Hannibal is rated 35 on a list of 488 worst cities in Missouri. Ferguson, Mo. is rated 41 and is safer! TOURISTS BEWARE!!!!
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Heck of a deal, ain’t it?


Government for the PEOPLE, by the RICH PEOPLE?

Lagarce’s vision of Hannibal is not shared by the majority of Hannibal residents

Lagarce Fact Checker

It sounded like such a good idea. Hire a city manager to run Hannibal. While the idea may have been good, the execution was terribly flawed from the get-go.
The details of the plan, provided for 6 City Council members who would be paid $200 a month and a mayor who receives $3,700 per year. This means the lowest paid appoint those who are the highest paid. That’s CRAZY!
Robert Stevenson, head of the BPW, is now paid $126,000 per year. That comes to $7 a year for every man woman and child in this city of 18,000.
City Manager Jeff Lagarce, found guilty of ethics violations by the Missouri Ethics Commission is paid $95,247 per year. That’s $45.87 per hour.

No Ethics at the top means No Ethics anywhere

O.K. So if you work for the city, you have a job for life. If you don’t feel like doing anything, well ‘so what’.
Code enforcement stopped doing their job years ago. Just drive through many of Hannibal’s neighborhoods. They look like Detroit.Slumlords and those at City Hall who turn a blind eye, destroying everyone’s property values.
But Lagarce, the Mayor and the $200 per month city councilmen have a plan for that.
Add to this a police department that has abandoned patrolling large parts of the city and you have a recipe for decay. You have to give Hannibal Police Chief Davis high marks for one thing though. He gives the best press conferences I have ever heard. Unfortunately, press conferences can’t hide the dismal crime statistics.
On July 11, 1953, nearly 63 years ago, The Southeast Missourian featured an article about the problems Hannibal was having with the City Manager type government. Find it here.
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