TOURISTS BEWARE!!! Hannibal has the highest crime rate in NE Missouri. Shootings, Drugs, and Poverty prevail. Hannibal is rated 35 on a list of 488 worst cities in Missouri. Ferguson, Mo. is rated 41 and is safer! TOURISTS BEWARE!!!!
Hannibal, Missouri Has Found a Way Around Democracy

The Day Hannibal Found a Way Around Democracy

Who really pulls the strings in Hannibal?

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Mayor and City Council are decision makers, and also lowest paid elected officials

At $200 per month, city council members in Hannibal, Mo. are the lowest paid of any city employee. At $3,738 per year, the mayor is 2nd from the bottom in terms of pay. The mayors pay comes out to $311.50 per month.
Together, the mayor and the city council decide the salaries for the rest of Hannibal.
The next in terms of low pay is a part time clerk at the Visitor’s Center who earns $437.50 per month, which is $126 per month more than the Mayor.
O.K. Now! A part time clerk earns $126 more per month than the Mayor? WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE???
The highest paid city employee is Manager of the BPW Robert Stevenson. Stevenson makes $126,000 per year. That is $7 for every man, woman and child in Hannibal. This is $7,000 less than the governor of Missouri. Stevenson has his own Public Relations Director who is paid $39,540.80 per year. Why does a utility company manager need a public relations director?
In the recent mayoral election, the Hark family and supporters spent some serious money in order to continue the ‘Hark Legacy’. Three billboards appeared around Hannibal promoting Hark for the $311 per month job as mayor. The cost of those billboards is probably more than the mayors salary for a couple years. But that is the point. Make the pay so low that no-one will want the job.

Could there be another reason for making the elected officials pay so low. Nah, that would be cheating

How to Create a “Hannibal Style Democracy”

Step #1
Create a system wherein 7 people (6 councilmen and 1 mayor) are the only ones to vote on pay, laws or ordinances. All 7 voting members of “city government” make a combined salary of $18,138 per year (That’s the combined income of all 7).
Step #2
Appoint a city manager and pay him $95,487 per year.
Step #3
Raise city employees wages to the point where they cannot go elsewhere and make that kind of money.
Step #4
Let city workers and special interests (slumlords, trash haulers etc) know that unless you are re-elected things will not be as profitable for them.
Step #5
Allow city workers to live outside of the city.
Step #6
Congratulations, you have just created a political machine that is unbeatable. You win, the citizens lose. Blog Feed:

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