Hannibal 2 Oppose Chloramine (H20-C)
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Hannibal Safe Drinking Water Act Petition! Where to Sign
The Hannibal Safe Drinking Water Act Petition is now available. Residents of Hannibal are URGED to sign. This act would prohibit the Hannibal Board of Public Works from adding Chloramine and other chemicals to our drinking water!
We have the Hannibal Safe Drinking Water Act petition!!! My mind is racing with different ways to get this petition the signatures required.
Please, please ... Sign!
The petition will be stationary at AutoShine 3528 Market Street, also at Attitudes Salon ( thanks Trish Franke), as well as Dejavue Salon (thanks GeneandBrandi Parker). Also John Paul Tomko will have it, and helping with gathering signatures.
Take a moment and review chloramines ... Think a little bit into it. My concerns are lead leaching, home appliance damage, infrastructure damage that will increase our tax dollars as these things will have to be fixed, but my biggest concern is the health conditions this imposes on my family. I have pale skinned red heads... They have already suffered with rashes. Jay also has suffered tremendously from Legionairres.
Let's be a community that rallies together, and takes a stance to take care of each other, looks out for the Best interest for this community.
Sign the petition, call your council man and let him know you support this and you would like to see him support it as well. Give the mayor a call and let him know your counting on him to protect and encourage the community by passing this ACT for Americas Home Town....
Anyone interested in helping gain signatures I'm having a little meeting at 4:30 at Auto Shine today... Take a petition and get some signatures even if it's just 5 or 10, take it to work, sporting events....
Do your part to help provide SAFE drinking water for this community! Contact me if you can't make the meeting but want to help, or if your workplace has many that want to sign I can come to you.
As Mark Twain once said ... "Whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting"....
And we are fighting!

Water...H20... We need it to survive... Funny to hear that since I know what water has done to my families life. See water took something from us... Something we will never get back and that is the last 8 months of our life! Jay got Legionairres disease in June of 2015 and Thanks to God he survived!!!! Well survived legionairres disease anyway... Since then 7 ER visits , 2 specialist probably getting close to 250,000 in hospital bills, at least 4 months of no work and very weak and broken down man. This from a guy before WATER took from us a healthy, hard working man,never been to the ER other then injuries from working. I don't know where he got legionairres and I will never know... Their is no big pay day for me in any of this as one has claimed is my motive for this water mission I'm on. I have a terrible, terrible fear of water. And through 8 months of sleepless nights and many many prayers to God, and hours upon hours of research, I know one thing for certain I will always until the day I die know what is in the water that my family consumes. And I will do whatever I need to do for them to be SAFE from water! Hearing the birds chirping this morning makes me think of spring, such a great time of year, however in my mind I know spring brings rain, rain brings legionella... Legionella kills... Scary stuff when you've lived through what we have and know what we know. Haylee has a rash on her face, Braxton has. A rash all over his body, Jays eyes constantly burn after showering... All symptoms that can come from Chloramine. Our water smells terribly, I don't know if it taste terrible but I would almost bet so. We can't afford a home filtering system or trust me I would have one. But even if so what about our shop where using water is our business .. Jay details cars, I do hair. And our cleaning business we use water to clean ... Should we have to buy full filtering systems for them also. What about our children's homes, and schools, and restraunts, I mean where does it end ...that it's our responsibility to protect our families from water..... It ends that the water coming out of our tap in the United States of America in 2016 with all the resources this world has should be SAFE!!!! Here is our reality ... All from water, and here is why Jay and I continue to fight for safe water to keep this baby from ever being sick from water!!!!