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Hannibal, What Tourists Should Know, and Whatr Residents Hate

WELCOME to the Blog

Friday 3rd February 2017

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Retired HPD Kathy Davis (Chief Davis wife) to open TCBY and Mrs. Fields GOURMET COOKIES in Steamboat Springs shopping center.

HPD Lt. Kathy Davis to continue serving Hannibal’s TOURISTS! The tourist industry has long been Hannibal’s primary focus. Now it will be possible for tourists to buy Mrs. Fields’ gourmet cookies and TCBY Yogurt from none other than Mrs. HPD Chief Davis. 

The Hannibal Chamber of Commerce has been touting the virtues of bringing still more minimum wage jobs to Hannibal. Maybe, the City could pass an ordinance permitting a TENT CITY in Hannibal. This would allow minimum wage workers to be able to survive in America’s Hometown.

Davis, who as an HPD pensioner, will be drawing more pension money than two Hannibal residents working full time. Of course we know that TCBY probably will not be hiring full time with benefits. Gotta watch that bottom line.

What a shame that those working minimum wage jobs will not be able to afford gourmet cookies and yogurt!

Reportedly, Mrs. Chief’s Biz will open in the former Eyecare center.

HPD Police pension have risen astronomically under the Hark dynasty.

The Future of America’s Hometown

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Monday 9th January 2017

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Former Hannibal City Manager arrested in prostitution Sting

My, My, My, could Hannibal’s crackdown on prostitution have anything to do with former Hannibal City Manager Gary Shimun’s recent arrest? Shimun, Deputy City Manager in Daytona Beach Florida was caught up in a sting by a 22 year old Volusia County (Florida) Deputy Sheriff who was offering ‘Christmas Specials’ at $100 per half hour. We can only guess what that could mean!

His last day on the Daytona Beach Payroll will be this Friday. Apparently there are some ethics rules in Florida. 


Shoulda stayed in Hannibal!!!

Read the Story Here

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Monday 28th November 2016

Embedded image

Further Details will be released when appropriate!

Hannibal’s Failing Police Department

November’s top NEWS:

Shooting on South Side:

An Unknown man was shot by an unknown man or unknown men. The assailants left in an unknown vehicle for an unknown location. Their current whereabouts are unknown. Condition of the victim is also unknown.

Man falling out of window at or near Levering Home:

An unknown man fell out of a window at an unknown location. It is not known whether the unknown man was pushed or fell. The unknown man’s condition is of course unknown.

Numerous vehicles broken into in Oakwood:

An unknown person or unknown persons broke into numerous vehicles in Oakwood a few weeks ago. Details concerning the break-ins are unknown. The identity(s) of the unknown perpetrators is unknown as is their location.

Graffiti Artist caught:

The graffiti epidemic in Hannibal finally spread to near the tourist area. The Davis family police department (also known as HPD) was told by the powerful in Hannibal (Not all of whom are located in city hall), “We can’t have our tourist see this.”)

The HPD, which has the worst reputation of any Police Department in this part of Missouri, finally did something.

(Click here for Hannibal Crime Rate)

(Click Here to learn how changes can be made)

Please Remember! Nothing bad ever Happens in Hannibal! Only Unkown things!!!

Hark of a Deal, Ain’t It?

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Saturday 26th November 2016

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First theft of taxpayer money, now AGE DISCRIMINATION at Hannibal Streets Department.

Amidst reports of a large amount of taxpayer rock being given as a ‘GIFT’ to the City Clerk’s aunt by the Hannibal Street Department, now come new allegations of age discrimination.

Older workers at Hannibal Street Department being fired and replaced by workers, some of whom are not even old enough to vote.

This in a city where there are quite of few of us older folks.

Does anyone ever retire from Hannibal Street Department?

Probably Not!


Hark of a Deal, Ain’t It???

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Thursday 24th November 2016

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How Hannibal has reduced crime

Lagarce and Davis at a young age!

Jeff Lagarce and chief Davis learned the importance of whitewashing the truth at an early age. And make darn sure you don’t tell the media anything.

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Wednesday 23rd November 2016

Embedded image

Jeff Lagarce Tourism Manager, I mean City Manager

Why not organize a BLIGHT TOUR for tourists? Let them know what the real Hannibal is like. The money raised could be used for replacing Chloramine in the drinking water.

Hannibal to become 51st State?

This cannot be allowed! Hannibal is for tourists. If the residents don’t like blight, they should move to the United States. We allow residents to drink tainted water and live in poverty for a reason.



“All the times we have visited Hannibal, never knowing what blight and decay was outside the tourist area.”

Hark of a Deal, Ain’t It? 

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Tuesday 22nd November 2016

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Hannibal’s Incredible Disappearing Crime Problem!

Out of Sight out of Mind!!!

HPD is copying a popular body shop TV commercial, which states,

“Like it never happened”

In recent days we have heard of a person falling from a window at or near Levering Home, and a shooting in Hannibal. In both cases, the news media reports the HPD as “Tight Lipped”, and “HPD is investigating”. Now we understand that ‘chief’ Davis and his wife Lt. Kathy Davis live outside of city limits in an affluent and safe neighborhood. The rest of us are not as fortunate. We do not draw over $150,000 per year from taxpayer money, in return for the worst crime statistics in this part of the state, as the Davis’ family does.

So if there is a shooting, don’t Hannibal residents have a right to know of a dangerous situation in their community? Today’s Hannibal Courier Post states: “Further information will be released when appropriate”.

Just when does information which could safeguard residents become appropriate?

If some changes in the City Council can be made in the April 2017 city election, and the water issue can be resolved, changes in HPD could then become a priority. (Click here to see April 2017 election info)

Crime statistics show Hannibal is in the bottom 6% of US cities for safety

No one who is charged with the safety and security of Hannibal’s residents should continue with such a horrid record. The Davis family HPD needs changed!

(Click here for Hannibal Crime Statistics)

Hark of a Deal, Ain’t It?

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Monday 21st November 2016

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Money For Tourism and Tourists, Let everyone else buy bottled water.

The city council, mayor and city manager want to build a new Hannibal Convention and Visitors Bureau. There is nothing wrong with the old one. 

It’s mind over matter - The City doesn’t Mind, Because the CITIZENS DON’T MATTER!

You can fight back!

Half the city council is up for election in April 2017! (Click Here for Details)

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Sunday 20th November 2016

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Slaves to the Tourist Industry?

Anyone who has lived in Hannibal more than a couple of days knows that city hall and the big money in this town are 100% behind tourism. But what does that mean to the average family in Hannibal?

It means that if you can’t get a job at 3 or 4 of the better companies, your family has to DO WITHOUT!

So who does this benefit? 

The poverty in Hannibal  benefits the Tourist Industry!  

Imagine how hard it would be to find staff for one of the HUNDREDS OF MINIMUM WAGE JOBS in Hannibal!

If workers could find LIVING WAGE jobs, employers would never fill hundreds of minimum wage jobs. A solid economy and a thriving community do not depend on how many Fry Cooks Hannibal has. 

It really does not matter how many empty industrial parks Hannibal builds. The empty industrial parks are just a City Hall distraction. Hannibal City Hall is an expert at magic tricks. Let the citizens look at the left hand, while the right hand makes taxpayer money disappear!


Your VOTE can change things! (click here)


Hark of a Deal, Ain’t It?

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Saturday 19th November 2016

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Hannibal Convention and Visitors Bureau’s Gail Bryant does not get her way 

Somethin Ain’t right!

In a first for Hannibal, Gail Bryant of HCVB was told ‘NO’. Bryant who wants a new building for the HCVB has been arguing that the present location is not ‘SAFE’.

Ms. Bryant, I would like to tell you that there are a great many things in Hannibal that are not safe. Buildings are abandoned and falling down. Large areas of the city are not patrolled by the HPD which impersonates a police department. Crime has become rampant. City services are confined to the wealthy, and that’s just the beginning.

So why has the HCVB heard the “N” word (NO). Because the area Ms. Bryant had picked out and decided taxpayers would spend tax dollars on, has a underground pipes. The area is right next to the City’s swimming pool, and of course it’s going to have underground plumbing. WELL, DUH!

To make the whole matter even more laughable, the one telling Bryant ‘NO’, was none other than Bob (Let them buy bottled water) Stevenson. We get Stevenson’s motivation. Stevenson does not need for a building and parking lot to be built and then have plumbing issues under it. Having a second scandal (Cholamine being the first), would not be cool!

Stevenson is not looking out for the people of Hannibal. Stevenson is looking out for Stevenson.

Hark of a Deal, Ain’t It?

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Friday 18th November 2016

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Take back Hannibal! There is only one way!!!


Chloramine, The Marina, and now a new Visitors Bureau? Seriously?

The time to act is NOW! An election is coming up for three city council seats in April of 2017. The only way to clean up the water and stop the hemmorhaging of our taxpayer dollars to fund the tourist industry, is to replace those city councilman who do not represent us.

Beware of false prophets!

City Hall has infiltrated Social Media. Beware!

City hall trying to oust Mellissa Cogdal?

We have recently received information that a new car dealer, who also has a local road named for him, is going to run his own candidate against Mellissa Cogdal. This is just another dirty trick. The name we have heard for the car dealer’s candidate is Latta. Stay tuned!

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Thursday 17th November 2016

Embedded image

Great City Hall Giveaway?

from the anonymous tipline:

According to sources at the Hannibal Street Department:

A Hannibal Street department employee went to Las Vegas on vacation. While in Vegas, he purchased a deck of playing cards which featured obscene images. When the employee returned to work he let Jimmy H., a fellow employee, borrow the cards which he then displayed to a co-worker at the Street Department. OK now. His co-worker complains to supervisors, and the next thing you know, Jimmy H. is fired from his job at the Street Department. When Jimmy H. is terminated, he tells management how unfair his termination is because the Street Department delivered 85 tons of Riff-raff (a type of rock sold at the quarry) and 36 tons of Top quality (a much more expensive rock sold at the quarry) to the aunt of City Clerk Angelica (Zerbonia) Vance for use on private property. The private property is on Hummingbird Lane and just coincidentally a check of Marion County Property records reveals there are two property owners on Hummingbird Ln. with the last name of Zerbonia! 

Not to worry, though

The whole matter is being investigated by the Hannibal Police Department, where one of the supervisors is also named Zerbonia!

I wonder if Lieutenant John Zerbonia is the investigator.


Hark of a Deal, Ain’t it?

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Wednesday 16th November 2016

Embedded image

It’s not what the taxpayers want, It’s what the tourists want!

The Bad News:

Bad water, move the marina, no money for neighborhood improvements.

The Good News:

Plenty of money for tourism, city hall executive salaries, and free give-aways to ‘friends of city hall’.

Hark of a Deal, Ain’t it?

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Tuesday 15th November 2016

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Street Department Employees complain about stealing! Fired by Lagarce.

Hannibal Street Department employees filed a complaint with the city because they were required to pick up EXPENSIVE ROCK at a local quarry and then place the rock on PRIVATE PROPERTY owned by the aunt of a city official. The City official, who is paid $65,069 by taxpayers, is also being represented by the Hark and Curl law firm in her second divorce. Reportedly she is in a relationship with one of the ‘Top Guys’ at the Hannibal Street Department and the rumor at city hall is that the two live together. The City Official was joined in ‘holy matrimony’ to the man she is divorcing by none other than former mayor Roy Hark. Isn’t it great that a woman who, a few years ago was taking payments for utility bills at $7 per hour, can suddenly earn over $65,000 per year?

Reportedly, City Manager Lagarce received a severe ‘Chewing Out’ from Mayor Hark for putting the employees on paid leave. Lagarce instigated an investigation, and lo and behold, it was determined the street department had some assets that had ‘DISAPPEARED’! City Manager Lagarce thereupon fired the employees! GO FIGURE! 

Police Chief Lyndell (’I know nothing’) Davis, who keeps his job by looking the other way, is investigating the matter, and oh, lest I forget, the city official is related to a high ranking officer at the Hannibal PD.

Hold the rug please, we have a lot to sweep under it!

Readers should remember that City Manager Lagarce was found guilty of ethics violations by the Missouri Ethics Commission last year. 

A Federal Investigation or at least a State Investigation is long overdue at City Hall. Imagine, services being stolen from taxpayers at a time the water is not fit to drink!

Business as usual @Hannibal City Hall

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Monday 7th November 2016

Embedded image

The only way to permanently have clean water and avoid being a victimized by city hall in the future!

Imagine, just imagine, if a city ordinance were passed that forbade even a single dollar being spent on tourism, unless the Hannibal water supply was fit for human consumption. Imagine if the city charter was changed in such a way as to mandate clean water as a condition which HAD to be met.

There would not be any studies or other stalling tactics by those who are supposed to serve US. Even wealthy car dealers would be crying BLOODY MURDER!

Oh, did I forget to mention who owns the building where the 3rd Street Diner is located?

219 N. 3RD; 305-309 BIRD ST.
SUBD: O.T., BLK: 18, N 40’ LOT 3 & ALL LOT 4 DIM: DEED-1105 X 142
219 N. 3RD; 305-309 BIRD ST.
SUBD: O.T., BLK: 18, N 40’ LOT 3 & ALL LOT 4 DIM: DEED-1105 X 142

So how is it possible to make the city, ‘DO THE RIGHT THING’?

Easy Peasey!

In April of 2017, three city council seats are up for election. This is half of the city council. If the citizens of Hannibal truly want to TAKE BACK THE CITY, these seats could be taken and the council could be steered back to serving the people. In addition, Councilman Jim VanHoose has been the only reasonable voice on the council. That would give US a majority of votes on issues concerning the people.

The time to organize for the April 2017 election is NOW!

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Sunday 6th November 2016

Embedded image

Say goodbye to the Marina, Mike Dobson is now a riverboat expert!

Councilman? Mike Dobson has now declared himself an expert on tourism. Dobson, long known for wearing a fire chief costume and appearing before a Ralls county meeting as BPW’s spokesperson, has now taken on the role of HCVB spokesperson.

Dobson, who always knows what’s good for city hall, is now promoting the Hannibal Convention and Visitors Bureau’s concerning the riverfront. While a petition had been circulating concerning the Marina, Dobson has once again gone against those fools who voted for him. 

Dobson now compares Hannibal to South Dakota!

In an article appearing in the November 5 edition of the Hannibal Courier Post, Dobson states:

Riverboats’ impact

The economic impact of the riverboats was significant, according to some research done by Councilman Mike Dobson that he presenteded at the Oct. 18 meeting of the City Council.
According to figures supplied by the HCVB, riverboats brought 3,715 visitors to Hannibal this summer. While the Missouri Division of Tourism estimates the per day expenditure by overnight visitors at $280, Dobson said if each riverboat guest in Hannibal just spent $100, that amounts to a total of $371,500. He added that the amount of sales tax generated by those visitors would total $33,435 to “support state and city services, 911 and the ambulance district.”
Dobson cited a study undertaken by the South Dakota State University. It concluded that the positive impact of each dollar spent by visitors in a community is actually $1.65. If that multiplier is accurate, Dobson said the boost to Hannibal’s economy by riverboat passengers this year was $612,975.
Dobson suggests that if the 10 cancelled Hannibal dockings had taken place those passengers, based on an average of 232 per boat, would have generated an additional $232,000, based on the estimate of $100 spent per riverboat traveler.
“The impact on Hannibal, based on $1.65 of economic impact would have been $375,840,” said the councilman. “Had all the riverboats that had been scheduled actually arrived the positive economic impact would have been $988,815.”

South Dakota?

Is he stupid or just goofy?

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Wednesday 2nd November 2016

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Really Good Things Happening in Hannibal!

Why do the Courier Post and the Herald Whig never print news stories that would upset tourists?

The recent string of car break-ins in Oakwood were never mentioned in any of the media. However a few weeks ago there were far fewer car break-ins in Quincy and those received widespread media coverage. It should also be mentioned that a Hannibal storage locker business was broken into, and was all over both papers and TV. So what’s the deal?

The deal as with all things in Hannibal is Tourism.

A couple of years ago I paid the City Clerk’s office for some public information at 25 cents per copy. Within the city budget is an item called ‘audit costs and miscellaneous’ which costs taxpayers $1,479,201. The breakdown of this million and a half miscellaneous expenses provides for WGEM to receive money for advertising. WGEM’s parent company owns the Quincy Herald-Whig.

In addition the Courier Post receives large amounts of money for advertising city announcements and legal notices.

Now you know why any news that might frighten the TOURIST’S is NEVER in the media! A storage locker break-in? Sure put it in the Media. After all tourists don’t rent storage lockers.




In Florida, if a tourist is bitten by a shark, you’ll never see it in the media. Sounds like Hannibal!

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Tuesday 1st November 2016

Embedded image

Massive Car Break-ins in Oakwood!

There is no mention in today’s issue of the Hannibal Courier Post about the massive amount of car break-ins which occurred the night of October 30-31 in Oakwood. The HPD has promised additional police patrols, but having scanned my security videos from midnight to present, I have not seen a single police car. Perhaps the HPD were referring to additional police patrols in the city’s tourist areas. On my street, I have been able to view all police vehicles passing by 24/7. Police cars passing down the street average 1 per 34 days. 

‘Somethin Ain’t Right’

Hannibal has been a leader in crime for many years, as the below data will show. The source of the data can be seen here.

Crime index - Hannibal vicinity

(Note: Higher means more crime)

Hannibal: 324.2
New London: 103.8
Palmyra: 102.1
Center: 22.7
Barry: 98.5
Quincy: 284.4
Monroe City: 51.3
La Grange: 211.8
Perry: 45.4

Property crime rate in 2014
Hannibal: 352.5
U.S. Average: 232.8

Property crime rate in 2013
Hannibal: 422.9
U.S. Average: 250.4

Property crime rate in 2012
Hannibal: 468.2
U.S. Average: 267.3

Property crime rate in 2011
Hannibal: 485.6
U.S. Average: 273.5

Property crime rate in 2010
Hannibal: 598.4
U.S. Average: 276.4

Property crime rate in 2009
Hannibal: 541.7
U.S. Average: 285.6

Property crime rate in 2008
Hannibal: 609.1
U.S. Average: 302.2

Property crime rate in 2007
Hannibal: 565.9
U.S. Average: 309.2

Property crime rate in 2006
Hannibal: 516.9
U.S. Average: 317.3

Property crime rate in 2005
Hannibal: 499.2
U.S. Average: 322.3

Property crime rate in 2004
Hannibal: 561.5
U.S. Average: 327.4

Property crime rate in 2003
Hannibal: 562.4
U.S. Average: 334.1

Property crime rate in 2002
Hannibal: 470.3
U.S. Average: 336.9

Read more:

The cure for Hannibal is simple: 
3 city council seats are up for election in April of 2017. This represents half of the city council. With half of the city council representing the citizens of Hannibal, and not just the tourist industry, changes are going to happen. Those who can do their job are welcome to stay. Those that can’t will be replaced!

public domain photo

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Saturday 29th October 2016

Embedded image

The Dark Side of Tourism!

Recently, a number of prostitution arrests have been reported in Hannibal. The arrests have usually been in the vicinity of Hannibal hotels and motels that rent rooms by the month. Why would a hotel/motel rent rooms by the month? The tourist season in Hannibal is very short. Hotel and motel owners are left with a majority of empty rooms in the ‘off-season’. The economics of being a hotel/motel owner demand a steady stream of income. I called one of Hannibal’s larger establishments and was told they rent rooms for $600 per month. The Hannibal Police department, which is really just a part of the tourist industry, has almost certainly got instructions to stay away from these places. After all, it would never do to have a major hotel or motel go broke.

The poor come to Hannibal in search of opportunity

What they find when they get here is quite another story. Part-time minimum wage jobs are plentiful during the short tourist season. Living wage jobs are few and far between. It’s a sad situation that leads so many poor to Hannibal. Most people who come to Hannibal see the glitter and cleanliness that is the downtown tourist area and assume Hannibal is a booming place. Those of us who live here see the blight and decay which festers and grows. Mayor Hark recently introduced the P.R.I.D.E. initiative. I will probably do a ‘before and after’ post on that soon. It will be easy because the same photograph can be used for ‘after’ and ‘before’. How’s that P.R.I.D.E. initiative going for you Mr. Mayor? The history of decay in Hannibal is synonymous with the Hark name.

 Hark of a Deal, Ain’t It?

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Thursday 27th October 2016

Embedded image

Glass Pipes being sold at Market Street Ayerco

Not far from the Oakwood school, glass pipes are being sold.

Glass pipes, which some people use to smoke Crystal Meth, Crack Cocaine, PCP, Opium, and many other illegal drugs are being sold at the Market Street AYERCO. (Click here for list of drugs used in glass pipes)

Not to Worry!!!

Mr. Ayers employees assure us that the glass pipes are used to smoke TOBACCO! I did not know that. I have never seen anyone smoking tobacco in a glass pipe. I have led a sheltered life.

Just to be fair, I got a 2nd opinion from the Marion County sheriff’s office.

Marion County Sheriff’ Office says:

“Store owners get around the drug paraphernalia laws by telling law enforcement that the pipes are sold for use with tobacco.”

I believe in seeing the best in people!

The glass pipes are probably used for tobacco. Every time I mention this to a smoking friend, they laugh and laugh and laugh. One has told me I am dumber than a box of rocks. So give it a try. Buy a glass pipe from Market Street Ayerco and smoke some tobacco in it. Please, Please, don’t laugh at me!

If you have any questions about which types of ‘TOBACCO’ work best in your glass pipe, call someone at the Ayerco store.

Ayerco Store #23
4121 Market St
Hannibal, MO 63401
Manager: Julie Icke
Hours: 6 AM - Midnight
Phone: (573) 221-6044


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Tuesday 25th October 2016

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Pride Initiative for Hannibal’s housings death row finally revealed:

Thank You Mayor!

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Monday 24th October 2016

Embedded image


The last two years have been the best Hannibal has had financially in years, yet the water is unsafe and the money keeps going to tourism. The majority of Hannibal residents would rather have safe drinking water, the very few want the money spent on tourism.


Flint is a very poor city. Poverty is rampant and crime is even worse than Hannibal. The government is working to help the residents of Flint obtain safe water. Not the case in Hannibal!

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Sunday 23rd October 2016

Embedded image

Which is more important?

A) Clean Water

B) Neighborhood Blight

C) Drugs in Hannibal

D) A new Tourist Bureau location and building

If you picked D, you must work for the City

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Saturday 22nd October 2016

Embedded image

“Maybe I was being a weak leader” Roy Hark tells Courier Post
MAYBE? There is no MAYBE about it!

In an October 21 article in the series ‘housings death row’, published in the Hannibal Courier Post, Roy Hark ‘FESSES UP’ concerning the deplorable state of housing in America’s Hometown. 

Let us not forget that at the same time Hark was being a ‘Weak Leader’, Huge amounts of taxpayer dollars were being spent on Tourism. Too bad tourists rarely see the “HARK NEGLECT” that the citizens live with!

According to Hannibal’s Municipal Code, Hark WAS the building commission, having the duties of picking its members

Sec. 7-344. - Building commission created; composition, responsibilities.

There is hereby created the building commission, which shall be a division of the department of public works. The building commission shall consist of the mayor, the fire chief, one city employee as appointed by the mayor with approval of the city council, and two councilmen appointed by the mayor with the approval of the council. The building commission shall be charged with the responsibility of enforcing the provisions of this chapter. The building commission shall supervise the building inspector and city sanitarian in their inspection responsibilities under this article. It shall be the duty of the building commission to serve the notices as provided in section 7-345 and to hold hearings regarding such buildings or structures.

Former Mayor Hark I would like to share with you a saying used in the United States Marine Corps, in which I proudly served, “Excuses are like ___holes, everybody has one”. 

A section of Hannibal’s Municipal Code which should be invoked at least in some instances is Sec. 18.0.8. (Click Here to Read it)

Sec. 18.08. - Impeachment.
The mayor, regular judge of the municipal court, the city attorney, the city clerk, members of the city council, and members of independent boards shall be subject to removal by impeachment; and all other officers of the city shall be subject to removal by impeachment in addition to any other methods of removal provided for in this Charter.
Charges of impeachment against the mayor may be filed by any two (2) members of the city council, and such charges against any other officer of the city may be filed either by the mayor or by two (2) members of the city council. In any case, these charges shall be filed in writing with the city clerk, signed by the person or persons filing the same and shall specify the nature and grounds of the accusation against the accused.
The grounds for which any such officer may be removed by impeachment shall be the commission by him of any act of fraud or dishonesty in connection with official duties, any oppression in office, the willful refusal to perform any lawful order of his superior, or the commission of any felony or infamous crime whether connected with the duties of his office or not.
When any charge shall have been filed with the city clerk (or in case the city clerk himself be the accused, with the mayor) the city clerk (or the mayor if the charges are filed with him) shall bring the matter to the attention of the council which shall set a date for the hearing thereof. The clerk, or the acting clerk, shall thereupon issue under the seal of the City of Hannibal, a notice to the accused specifying the date, time and place set for hearing, which shall be accomplished by a certified copy of the charges so filed. Said notice and the copy of the charges shall be served upon the accused in the manner in which a summons in a civil action is served personally under the rules of civil procedure in the State of Missouri. It may be so served by the chief of police or by the sheriff of Marion County, and the officer serving the same shall make due return of his service.
The city council shall constitute the court of impeachment for hearing said charges. If a member of the council be the accused, he shall not sit during the hearing of such charges, and if the charges be filed by two (2) members of the council, they shall be disqualified to sit during the hearing thereof. The mayor (or the mayor pro tempore, if the mayor be accused) shall notify the judge of the municipal court, who shall preside at such hearing. If, however, the municipal judge be himself the accused, or be otherwise disqualified, the mayor shall request the judge of the circuit court of Marion County to preside, or a master appointed by the circuit judge. Said judge shall, in open hearing, rule on all notices and preliminary motions, rule as to the admissibility of all evidence offered in the hearing and pass upon all questions of law raised thereon. If the accused shall so request, he shall rule upon said request and may order the persons filing the charges to make a more specific statement or to file a bill of particulars of the charges made.
The hearing may be continued for cause from time to time. The city shall be represented at such hearing by the city attorney, or if the city attorney be accused, by special counsel or designated appointee appointed by the mayor subject to council approval. The accused may appear in proper person or by counsel. The rules of criminal procedure shall apply throughout the hearing, and evidence shall be heard in behalf of the city and of the accused and at the conclusion of the trial, the presiding judge shall submit the issues to the members of the council eligible to vote. A separate vote shall be taken upon each charge and the roll shall be called thereon and recorded. if, upon such vote, two-thirds of the members of the council eligible to vote shall cast their vote in favor of a conviction, a judgment of impeachment shall be entered.
Upon the filing of any impeachment charges, the official in question shall be suspended immediately from performing any official duties or exercising any official power, pending the hearing.
The judgment of impeachment shall extend no further than to remove the convicted person from office and to disqualify him from further holding of municipal office for a period of one (1) full term of the office from which removed, said period to commence after the completion of the term from which removed. Such judgment, however, shall not prevent prosecution, either in the municipal or state courts, of the accused for any criminal act which is charged as a ground of impeachment.

So why wasn’t Lagarce impeached when he was found guilty of ethics violations by the Missouri Ethics Commission?

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Friday 21st October 2016

Embedded image

Does anyone know why a tobacco shop is selling Digital Scales???

This ad appears in the Courier-Post. Has the price of tobacco gone that high? Maybe they are selling bathroom scales? Oh, I get it cooking scales. Can anyone help me understand? 

PS- If it’s what I think it might be, don’t tell the chief. We can’t have him saying, “I’m Shocked” twice in one week!

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Thursday 20th October 2016

Embedded image


your tax dollars at work!

The Davis Home

HPD Chief Davis, Lyndell R. & HPD Lt. Kathy Davis,

Chief Davis is quoted as saying, “I am shocked” concerning the state of Hannibal’s housing and living conditions. 

While most of us are struggling to make ends meet in Hannibal’s minimum wage economy, some in city government live like modern day kings. Chief Davis is paid $78,435 annually, with his wife’s pay the Davis household ‘earns’ well over $140,000 per year.

Hannibal has the worst crime statistics in NE Missouri.

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Wednesday 19th October 2016

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Mellisa Cogdal, Finally a KEEPER!

As Hannibal is torn apart by chloramine tainted water, the proposed removal of the marina, and a series of articles in this weeks Courier-Post which refer to Hannibal as “Housings Death Row”, finally a breath of relief! The people of Hannibal have been unrepresented for a long time by a city administration that is totally out of touch with reality. 

As an example of being ‘out of touch’, Police Chief Lyndell Davis termed the blighted housing condition of some areas of Hannibal as “Shocking”. Gosh, chief, you have a fleet of police cruisers that always have time to run SPEED TRAPS, but nobody is patrolling the neighborhoods? 

It’s like an old gangster movie at the Hannibal Police Department!
Nobody knows Nuthin!!!!

Animal control was given the additional task of code enforcement a few years ago, but unfortunately, they were put under ‘Chief Davis’ control. After that, seems like Animal Control disappeared off the face of the earth.

We wish Mellisa luck in dealing with a city administration that is focused on TOURISM ABOVE ALL ELSE!


Golly Chief, if you are shocked by conditions in your town, then why are you Police Chief????

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Tuesday 18th October 2016

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Why not have a “Hark style” Democracy in the USA

Imagine how nice it would be to eliminate all the political bickering in the country. Well the Hark’s have the answer. 

1) Have all the wealthy businessmen support just one candidate. Use the money for billboards and advertising.

2) If a senator or congressman leaves office, let hark and the puppet council replace him.

3) Pay senators and congressmen $200/month so that people who really care will not run for the job.

4) Make sure you take care of the wealthy businessmen (Tourism). Forget the rest of the citizens.

5) Once in office impose your will—–Chloramine is in - Marina is out.

Voila! You have just created a Hark style government!

Hark of a Deal, Ain’t It?

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Monday 17th October 2016

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Plenty of money to be made in Hannibal!

Ok, so you don’t have to drive far to see blight in Hannibal. So how can you make money from other people’s misery? When the building codes and ordinances are not enforced, and police patrols are withdrawn from some neighborhoods, what’s next? What’s next is the conversion of Hannibal into a rental community. As homes deteriorate further and further and are abandoned by their owners, speculators buy them up and convert them into rental property.

The lack of jobs and opportunities in Hannibal is frightening. What happens next is even worse. With a lack of opportunity, families either live on the street or get public assistance. 

Enter Section 8 and rent vouchers

What’s wrong with Section 8?

Section 8 tenants have a bad reputation. And just like any stereotype, there could be some truth to it, but every case is different. People complain that Section 8 tenants are masters at manipulating the system, and many landlords are left holding the bag.

As with all tenants, there are so many things that can go wrong. For example:

They lose their voucher, and then won’t leave,
They destroyed your property, and the housing authority won’t compensate you,
They moved extra people in despite that being against the rules.
But just as there are horror stories with Section 8 tenants, there are good experiences too.

Some people, whether they are temporarily down on their luck, are disabled, or live on a fixed income, might not be able to afford housing without some help, but they could make wonderful tenants.

The key is for you to run a background check and credit report, and to call prior landlords. Do your due diligence before accepting any tenant.


Am I being too negative? Let’s see what the city of Hannibal thinks!


June 30, 2015 - Written By Lagarce

City of Hannibal, Missouri

Management’s Discussion and Analysis For the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2015

Hannibal’s existing housing market was compared against Hannibal’s existing income demographics, and a significant shortage of housing was recognized at particular price ranges. At middle-income levels particularly, Hannibal’s existing housing stock falls hundreds-of-units short when compared to comparable income data. This places a tremendous burden on local employers, and the community as a whole. Local employers have difficulty recruiting top talent when available housing - in middle price ranges - does not exist. The result is talented people are less likely to accept employment in Hannibal (which hurts local industry), or if they choose to accept employment here, they make a conscious decision to reside in other community (which hurts this community), rather than Hannibal. Increases in the construction of modern housing has significantly lagged behind Hannibal’s income (home qualification) levels.


As Lagarce states in the above report:

The result is talented people are less likely to accept employment in Hannibal (which hurts local industry), or if they choose to accept employment here, they make a conscious decision to reside in other community (which hurts this community), rather than Hannibal.


Remember, Hannibal’s city workers are not required to live here either! And so the vicious circle continues. 

Time to shake up the City Council in the April 2017 election!


Hark of a Deal, ain’t It?

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Sunday 16th October 2016

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Trick or Treat at BPW proclaimed!

As a further cost cutting measure the BPW this week announced that regular Halloween candy given out to trick or treaters, would be replaced by something a little bit cheaper and already on hand.


Just Kidding

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Friday 14th October 2016

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How to find SLUMLORDS in Hannibal, a beginners guide.

Ok, so you live in an area where there are numerous trashed houses. Hey, maybe you should knock on the door and offer to help clean things up. 

But wait just a minute!

There are those in Hannibal who own numerous run down properties.

Here is how to find them!

Go to Marion County Integrity website—-CLICK HERE

The Marion County Integrity website is owned by Marion County and can help you find those amongst us who are either too busy counting their money, or have made contributions or are friends of Hark and the council, and are ‘PROTECTED’. In Hannibal certain run down properties are exempt from code enforcement and the rest of us pay the price in terms of our home values being decimated.

Once you accept the terms of the website you can search by owner’s last name, or by street name. 

In addition to finding out who our protected slumlords are, you can enter city employees names and find out if they live outside city limits.

Try for instance police chief Davis and his police lieutenant wife Kathy. They both live outside of Hannibal City Limits! 

Well no wonder it takes a long time to get a ‘press release’ from HPD when things go bad in Hannibal!

There are some who complain about how negative this site is. Let me quote something that will explain this:

John 8:32
“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

As always, I prefer the King James version.


Hark of a Deal, Ain’t It???

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Wednesday 12th October 2016

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Hidden Costs in Hannibal:

Bottled water is pretty much a necessity in Hannibal. Residents have reported a host of symptoms from drinking Hannibal’s chloramine tainted water. The wealthy 1% that call the shots in Hannibal have no problem with this. The ‘Culligan man’ can be seen delivering bottled water to their homes. Those of us who are in the other 99% are sometimes forced to make the decision between food and bottled water. 

An even greater outrage is BPW general manager Robert Stevenson, who seems to have a genuine disdain for BPW customers. Stevenson, who is paid more than the governor of Missouri, is now reportedly planning to move BPW’s offices. Yes, that’s right. Lord Stevenson has found a place that would give him a better view from his office!

It’s almost as if Hannibal is living in Biblical days! The very few rule the lives of the very many. Caesar, also known as Jeff Lagarce and Nero, known as Robert Stevenson are neither elected nor concerned with the public. 

As chloramine tainted water damages the health of the empires citizens, Lagarce and Stevenson could care less.

Hey, Culligan Man!

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Monday 10th October 2016

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The Hannibal water crisis

Ralls county just wanted safe drinking water!

As negotiations between Ralls county and Hannibal BPW progressed, in walks city councilman Mike Dobson. Dobson, dressed in a rural fire chief costume which he designed and had made at his own expense, came into the Ralls county meeting with the news media. Ralls county officials chuckled and could not help but wonder, “Who does this guy think he is?”

We know the majority of residents in Dobson’s ward had no idea of what he was doing or why. What we don’t know is why Dobson, who ran unopposed for his council seat, would back the BPW. The position Dobson took was simple: If BPW water was adversely affecting Hannibal residents, then why not have Ralls county residents drink our tainted water. Dobson’s message went over like a lead balloon. Dobson actually presented statistics prepared by his BPW friends at this meeting.

OK! Dobson had his moment of glory. Now let Hannibal residents pay for it! 

Dobson and a rate increase from Dobson’s pal Bob (We’ll show them) Stevenson at BPW led Ralls County to cut ties with the Hannibal water supply. Now that BPW has lost it’s biggest customer, who do you suppose is going to make up the lost revenue?

YUP! The remaining customers of BPW!

All this so a so-called $200 per month councilman can get his picture on TV? That’s a pretty high price tag!

In the mean time water bills go up, water quality remains poor.

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Sunday 9th October 2016

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BPW offers to ‘LOAN’ Hannibal $300,000??? BPW now in the PAYDAY LOAN BUSINESS?

The BPW known for water quality so bad that Ralls county broke ties with them, is now planning to get into the PAYDAY LOAN BUSINESS. The first sucker for this proposition are the taxpayers of Hannibal! Hey, why not? Hannibal is ‘governed’ by a city council which does what it’s told. Oh! not by the citizens, but by the 1% of the wealthy who decide what’s good for themselves, and who in many cases do not even live in city limits.

Rumor has it that Stevenson, who is paid more than the Governor of Missouri, will be moving the BPW offices to the area of the Shinn Lane roundabout, which just coincidentally is where the ‘$300,000 LOAN’ is going. Reportedly, Stevenson has told people that he can hardly wait to look out his new office window and see the view.


Wait a minute, BPW is supposed to be a non-profit corporation. How does a non-profit in a poor city of 18,000 justify paying Stevenson more than the Governor of Missouri? Can Governor Stevenson be ‘out for a drive’ on a Sunday afternoon, look out his car window, and decree where BPW’s customers are going to build him a new office? Because it has a great view?

It’s all our fault! 

The City Council has been taken over by APPOINTEES of the Hark-Lagarce machine. ‘Dangerous Dobson’ ran unopposed. Gordon Ipson is from Michigan and was appointed by the other city council Lackies. Jamie Locke was featured in a Hannibal Courier Post article as having the most ‘no-shows’ of any council member.

The good news is that three of these council seats are up for re-election in April of 2017! (Ipson’s, Locke’s and the 3rd ward) It’s high time to send a message to Hark, Lagarce, Stevenson, and the 1% of the wealthy that make decisions in Hannibal that a democracy is supposed to work for the people. Not just for the wealthy!

Hark of a Deal, Ain’t It?

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Friday 7th October 2016

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Wifey and I protesting Chloramine water in Hannibal’s Central Park

The city of Hannibal has been treating Hannibal’s water supply with dangerous chemicals. Basically the controversy is this: 

Cheap treatment of the water supply so that amazingly high salaries can be paid to city officials. Robert Stevenson, head of the BPW utility company in Hannibal, is paid in excess of $135,000 annually. This is more than the Governor of Missouri! Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is paid $133,821. Stevenson, who came to my home and harangued my wife about an anonymous tip he had received concerning a BPW employee is pompous, arrogant, and rude. And those are his better qualities. 

Hannibal is a city in which 51% of the population is either poor, disabled or elderly (This according to the US Census Bureau). {Click here Hannibal statistics on US Census website} 

This poor city of 18,000 can hardly support a Utility Company BARON!

In addition Hannibal has a crime rate higher than Ferguson, Missouri. This table list the 488 highest crime city statistics in Missouri. Hannibal ranks 35th and Ferguson ranks 41st. Remember lower ranked cities are the worst to live in! {Read Crime Statistics Here}

A recent stabbing on Lyon street, had a local TV newscaster interviewing residents who stated how afraid they were to go out of their homes after dark. My wife and I refer to the HPD as ‘The Invisibles’.

What could be worse than living in fear?

Living in fear and polluted water!!!

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Wednesday 5th October 2016

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Jamie Locke, City councilman with most absences from council meetings, or There’s always time for baseball!


When 6 =18,000

6 - $200/month councilmen represent 18,000 residents? When they show up. How’s that working out for you?

Chloramine in the water? Hadn’t heard that before. I’ll call Lagarce and see which way to vote. I can ask him how I’m voting on the marina while he’s on the phone.

Number 2 on the “I missed the most city council meetings is Kevin Knickerbocker, a $60,000+ administrator at the Probation and Parole office on Warren Barrett. With all the drug problems and minimum wage jobs in Hannibal, you have to give the man credit. He is in a growth industry in Hannibal.

Please don’t even get me started on councilman Mike Dobson! He appeared at a Ralls county meeting advocating chloramine tainted water for Ralls county. This at a time when most people in his ward were against chloramine. Ralls just announced they were dropping Hannibal’s BPW. If you go to the BPW’s Public Utility Week in Central Park this Thursday, let me know if Dobson is running BPW’s booth.

And then we have newly APPOINTED  councilman Gordon Ipson. Ipson has lived in Hannibal about 8 years and is originally from Michigan. Do I really need to say more?

The third ward council seat is still vacant according to Hannibal’s website. A SELECTION not an ELECTION having yet to be made by Lagarce and Hark as of this writing.

The only remaining council seat is held by Jim VanHoose.

 Van Hoose has a reputation for serving his ward well. Van Hoose received 65 votes in the council election. His opponent who may well have been backed by City Hall, was JD Foust. (Read the Story Here)

Foust, the former A.D. Stowell Elementary principal in Hannibal, entered a plea of guilty to a charge of intent to distribute on Monday. He received a 10-year sentence.

Foust, who was taken into custody in mid-February by Northeast Missouri Narcotics Task Force officers, was one of four individuals who had sought the mid-December appointment to the Council. He did not attend a mandatory candidate forum.

Scary stuff, isn’t it???

Hark of a Deal, ain’t it?

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Monday 3rd October 2016

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Hannibal PD losing the graffiti battle

The Hannibal Police Department, long acknowledged as the worst in NE Missouri has found a new battle to lose. Graffiti is now popping up all over town. The above graffiti had to have taken several hours to complete. The city’s residency rule, which allows city workers and police to live outside city limits is part of the problem. If you are a city worker/cop who lives outside the city, chances are zero that you will be out for a drive and run across somebody ‘tagging’ a house or business. The chief of police and his wife (a police lieutenant-’go figure’) live outside city limits. Hannibal’s good old boy rules allow that incompetence is not a job performance criteria. 

Those that ‘tag’ buildings have become so bold that they now leave their initials on the tag. 

We do get the fact that police patrols are non-existent in large parts of the city. This allows the illegal drug market, ‘tagging’ and a host of other illegal activities to flourish. Meanwhile at City Hall, there is always time for city officials to give themselves a pat on the back and a raise. People who have left Hannibal for years and returned to find the blight and incompetence which is called ‘City manager’ are horrified.

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Sunday 2nd October 2016

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Two “SWEET” Ladies terrorizing Oakwood. Oakwood was once a safe area! 

Top Photo: Deleted to protect identity of 6 year old boy - by request.

1st & 2nd photos: Screaming threats and obscenities, 2 Oakwood residents speed by.

Last Photo: 6 year old boy grabs his scooter and runs for his life!

If you cannot see all 4 pictures click - View on tumblr

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Saturday 1st October 2016

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Ralls County Drops Hannibal Water!

Robert Stevenson, head of BPW, and probably the most despised city employee in Hannibal, has lost a little bit of his haughty arrogant attitude. Stevenson, who is paid over $130,000 per year plus benefits, still has his nose in the air, but not quite as high. Lying to BPW customers, while at the same time looking down on them is probably not going to fly much longer. Wait a minute! This is Hannibal and City Hall has a long tradition of being unethical (Lagarce). In fact, bad ethics and lying seem to be desirable traits.

What I find to be totally amazing, is that those at City Hall do not understand the depth of the anger citizens in Hannibal are feeling.

 First Chloramine, and then the Marina. City Hall behaves as though the tax money which runs the city is a gift from the people of Hannibal. And since the tax money is a gift, you can do whatever you want with it, RIGHT? The first step to straighten out City Government is to elect different city councilman. The next thing to do would be to fire Lagarce and get rid of Hark.

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Friday 30th September 2016

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Hannibal City Council — It’s a SELECTION, not an ELECTION!

The process of selecting the next 3rd ward councilman. Yes, I did say selecting.

As is the custom in Hannibal, City Council Seats are many times vacated before a legitimate ELECTION can be held. This allows the City Council to decide who will fill the position until a ‘legitimate election’ can be held. This perpetuates the Hark-Lagarce MACHINE.

One of the three announced candidates can be found on CASENET as involved in an unlawful detainer lawsuit, which the Hannibal Housing Authority filed in 2009. From a legal dictionary the definition of unlawful detainer is as follows:

Unlawful Detainer

The act of retaining possession of property without legal right.
The term unlawful detainer ordinarily refers to the conduct of a tenant who is in possession of an apartment or leased property and refuses to leave the premises upon the expiration or termination of the lease. Typically, the landlord wishes to evict the tenant for not paying the rent or for endangering the safety of the other tenants or the landlord’s property.

The Hannibal Housing Authority was represented in this action by none other than:

Business: (573) 221-7333

A further check of court records shows that CURL, HARK & HOLLIDAY LAW FIRM has represented the Hannibal Housing Authority in every legal action the housing authority has brought forth.

Is that about as clear as a Hark Election Billboard? One of the firms attorneys acted as treasurer for the Hark election campaign!

Does Melissa Cogdal have any chance of winning the ‘SELECTION’?

Not in this life

Hark of a Deal, Ain’t It???

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Thursday 29th September 2016

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St Mary’s  Annexation now a Hannibal eyesore? Republican signs only on annexed land?

Land annexed by the City Council over a year ago is now apparently been rezoned as a ‘Republican Poster Zone’

The Hark’s and Lagarce are always trying to outdo each other when it comes to being unethical. Now 8 weeks before the election, land annexed by Hannibal has been flooded with Republican posters.

Are the Hark’s and Lagarce now telling voters how they are expected to vote. Has the City Council, long a tool of Lagarce and the Hark’s prohibited Democratic signs?

Of course it’s illegal —- Even in Hannibal!!!

Here is the sign that is desperately Needed in Hannibal!

Hark of a Deal, Ain’t it?

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Wednesday 28th September 2016

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It’s the Right to KNOW, Stupid!

Tourist Bureau Records Secrecy — Of course you can inspect our Financial Records — Now, are you a City Manager or Council Member?

From the Hannibal Municipal Code: (Read it Here)

Sec. 2-413. - Records and accounts.

The convention and visitors bureau shall keep a written record of its proceedings and this record of proceedings shall be open to inspection by the city manager or city council and by such persons as the council may authorize in its behalf. The director and bureau shall file an annual report with the city manager setting forth their recommendations regarding the expenditure of revenue received from the city’s gross receipts tax for the purpose of marketing and advertising Hannibal as a tourist and convention destination. The timing of this report is to be determined by the city manager for use in compiling each upcoming fiscal year’s budget. Information concerning the condition, status and affairs of the bureau shall be furnished to the city council at all other times, upon request.

(Ord. No. 4567, § 1, 3-15-2011)

What kind of Rip-off is this?

Hark of a Deal, Ain’t It???

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Tuesday 27th September 2016

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Hannibal Tourist and Convention Bureau Misleading the Press

An Article in the Quincy-Herald Whig on September 26, 2016 claims that the Tourist Bureau receives no money from the cities general revenue budget. 

Not True

According to the cities budget for 2016-2017, the Visitor’s and Tourist Bureau will be receiving $777,537.00 of taxpayer money. This constitutes 3.3 % of Hannibal’s 2016-2017 budget. (Read it Here—item 14)

Gail Bryant, Director of the Visitor’s Bureau and reportedly friends with Hannibal’s decision makers is paid $69,051 annually. That is $92 more per year than Hannibal’s Fire Chief. (Read it Here)

The Herald-Whig also quotes Gail Bryant of the Tourist Bureau as stating the Bureau has $350,000 in “Savings” earmarked for a new building.   

According to Hannibal’s own municipal code, money collected from the Hotel Tax has a specific use and is not referred to as SAVINGS—

Sec. 2-416. - Use of hotel tax.
All funds generated by collections from the gross receipts bed rental taxes shall [be] placed within a special fund, to be used solely for the purposes of promotion of tourism and conventions in the city.
(Ord. No. 4567, § 1, 3-15-2011) (Read it Here)

While Bryant did have the City Council approve her use of ‘SAVINGS’ to fund this expense, it should be remembered that anything marked TOURISM is automatically approved by the current city council.

Let’s see: Take the Marina, Let the citizens drink chloramine tainted water, but don’t forget that new TOURIST CENTER!


Gail Bryant, Director HCVB

“Hark of a Deal, Ain’t It?

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Saturday 24th September 2016

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The Hark Advantage!  Police and Fire Pensions to get yet another Raise?

Hannibal Police and Fire receive a larger pension than any other city Hannibal’s size. We do understand that part of the ‘Hark Advantage’ is to take care of your friends (with taxpayer money). Hark, formerly a Hannibal cop, is bent on following in his fathers path (a retired fireman). Help your friends with some taxpayer money by growing that pension fund. Currently Hannibal pays out almost 10% of the City’s budget to retired police and fire. The Harks receiving retirement checks as well.

One of the items addressed at the Hannibal City Council Tuesday was this: Second and final reading was given to setting the city’s 2016 tax rate at $1.1577 per $100 assessed value.

So what does a property tax increase have to do with Pensions?

According to Hannibal’s Municipal Code:

Sec. 21-39. - Tax levy.

A tax shall be levied on each dollar of the value of all taxable tangible property annually assessed as appears on the tax books. This sum shall be earmarked in a separate fund and set aside and made a part of the policemen and firefighters’ retirement fund by the city clerk.

Now that Hark has been elected it’s time to payback those that helped.

Police and Firemen are not even required to live within city limits!

Hark of a Deal, Ain’t It?

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Friday 23rd September 2016

Embedded image


Is Hannibal for Sale? 

A Closer Look! Or, All in the Family

So, Who is J.C. Weyand??? 


Meet J.C. Weyand!

J.C. Weyand, born in Quincy, Illinois on November 29, 1984, is an associate at Curl, Hark and Holliday LLC. Mr. Weyand handles a wide variety of legal issues, including Personal Injury, Family Law, Criminal Law, Estate Planning, Probate, Child Custody, Driver’s License Issues, Landlord and Tenant, Real Estate, Business Law and Business Planning. He also an Adjunct Professor of Business Law at Hannibal-LaGrange University.

So, what do you know JC? You work for the Mayor’s Brother.


Mind telling us how much winning a mayoral election costs, and why the mayor’s brother did not use his own name on all the billboards scattered around Hannibal. Why is a young guy like you, “FRONTING” for the Hark Machine. 

If I were a Car Dealer or a Redimix company, I could send a check to a law firm, and nobody would raise an eyebrow. Of course I am neither.

So Why did the Mayor’s Brother not use his own name on the billboards??? The Hark name is well known in Hannibal. Oh, thats why?


Hark of a Deal, Ain’t It???

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Thursday 22nd September 2016

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Dobson Flip-Flops on Chloramine? Dangerous Dobson?

Dobson suddenly decides the city needs an engineering study on using charcoal to filter Hannibal Water.

Before we go applauding Dobson for doing the right thing, let’s look at the Courier-Post story published on September 21, 2016. 

A direct quote from the Hannibal Courier Post —–

“Dobson’s suggestion mirrors a recommendation made earlier this summer to the city by the Northeast Missouri Economic Development Council.”

Wait just a minute! Last I heard, Robert Stevenson head of the BPW was treasurer of the Northeast Missouri Economic Development Council! Did anyone happen to notice if Dobson was reading from BPW stationary?

Conflict of Interest is already apparent!

(Read full Courier Post Article Here)

Mayor James Hark applauded the possibility of seeking a water study, explaining that the findings would allow Council members to “speak with a little more authority” on the topic of water disinfection.

The city will seek a price quote from Black & Veach Engineering, a world-wide company which according to Dobson offers “services in the design of safe drinking water systems.”

In Black & Veach, Dobson said the city will be dealing with a “third party independent engineering firm” that “has no ties to the former (water system) study and the BPW.”
But Black & Veatch is no stranger to the Hannibal water system. It served as the project engineer on an approximately $1 million project for the Board of Public Works at its water filter plant in Riverview Park in 2008-09. That work focused on converting the plant from a gas chlorine disinfection system to one that utilized sodium hypochlorite.
Councilman Jim Van Hoose said if a study is undertaken the public must have confidence it was conducted by an independent party or “it’s a waste of money.”

So what does it all mean?

Is the city conceding they will lose the chloramine issue when it is voted on? Or— Is the city setting up voters for ‘Sticker Shock’?

‘Sure we can treat the water with charcoal, but your water bill will go up by 300%’


Residents should not forget that Dobson represented BPW at a Ralls County meeting at which the discussion was about dropping Hannibal water. Dobson was in favor of Ralls keeping Hannibal water and read from a study put together by BPW! This at a time when residents of his ward were opposed to Chloramine.

Trust Dobson? ——Never! Trust Hark? NEVER-EVER!!!


Hark of a Deal, Ain’t It?

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Wednesday 21st September 2016

Embedded image

Election Bought and Paid For:

Biggest Hark Contributors—
Owner of a Hannibal Car Dealership and Owner of  a Ready Mix Company

At a recent City Council meeting, the owner of a Hannibal Car Dealership, sat down with Gordon Ipson newly APPOINTED Councilman. Hey, you have to get your appointees trained. The Car Dealer also has a business in Hannibal’s Historic District. Also, regular observers of the City Council found it peculiar that the head of the Hannibal Visitors and Convention Bureau only addresses the City Council when the car dealer is present. I will not use this forum to speculate on a ‘who is dating who’ type conversation, widespread rumors not withstanding. Let us suffice to say she is advocating a new Visitors Center and City Hall insiders say it’s a done deal. Connections, Connections, got to pay for those billboards.

Okay, so the election was bought! Now we will get rid of the Marina and just to make things look good, the council will pass a community Revitalization Ordinance. No money allotted for Revitalization, but at least it looks good on paper. America’s Hometown is in DECAY. The Hark Machine might look good on paper but what is that horrible smell?

The answer to Hannibal’s problems is not to pass a bunch of City Ordinances that have no funding. Both Harks have left Hannibal in ruins. Just ask anyone who has moved away and then returned years later. They are in shock at how far Hannibal has declined.

The good news is that Police and Fire Pensions have never been higher. Hannibal may be falling down, but the Police and Fire Pensions pay 65% of full pay for life. This after 20 years of service (18 years of service for the Chief).

The City Council is a mess. Van Hoose is the only councilman who truly represents his constituency. Councilman Dobson actually went to a Ralls County water meeting and promoted Hannibal water. This at a time when Hannibillians are up in arms over Chloramine. Councilman Knickerbocker had the 2nd highest absentee rate of all councilman. Councilman Ipson was born and raised in Michigan and has only lived in Hannibal since 2008 or thereafter. Ipson is one of the City Councils’ Appointees. We know who he represents. And the list goes on!


Hark of a Deal, Ain’t It!

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Tuesday 20th September 2016

Embedded image

Fix the HPD!  Don’t  tear down the Neighborhoods!

PRIDE (Planned Renovation Investment Developer Endeavor) (Read it Here) = $0, BECKY THATCHER HOUSE $1.3 MILLION!

Once again Hannibal City Hall has bamboozled citizens. The PRIDE city ordinance does not budget a single dollar for the PRIDE project. This at a time when the Becky Thatcher House has just received a $1.3 Million Dollar renovation.

The theory behind the PRIDE PROJECT is a little twisted. Police Chief Davis has for years been losing the battle on drugs and crime in most  parts of Hannibal’s South Side. Davis’ HPD has the worst crime statistics of any Police Department in NE Missouri.

So, if you can’t fix the crime problem, then tear down the neighborhoods. Since Davis can’t seem to fix things, maybe we should just keep tearing down neighborhoods. If Hark and the so-called City Council had been doing there jobs, Davis would have been terminated years ago. Oh, but Hark is a former Hannibal Cop and Hark Sr. is a former Hannibal fireman and we sure don’t want to upset Chief Davis. Continued failures should not be tolerated. Hannibal residents don’t have to go very far to see graffiti and blight. A Police Department that is focused on Speed Traps, and not patrolling serves no-one well. Chief Davis can always get a job as a mall cop in Quincy.

As far as the $1.3 million Becky Thatcher House Renovation, here’s an idea that makes about as much sense as the PRIDE PROJECT—Take 50% of the profits from Tourism and give it to the downtown merchants as an outright gift. Take the other 50% of profits and FINALLY invest in the neighborhoods.

Hark of a Deal, Ain’t It???

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Monday 19th September 2016

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Lagarce AKA Mr. Unethical

Follow the Money!!!

Is anybody wondering why Hannibal’s PRIDE program (REVITALIZATION) is going to be controlled by outsiders?

Specifically, JT Rivers from Frisco, Texas.

The revitalization project is contained in a new Hannibal Ordinance (Read it Here). Supposedly there is another out of state company from Utah also interested. We wonder why no local companies are involved. Has someone at City Hall been shopping for some ‘tip money’?

The lack of Code Enforcement in Hannibal is what has created so many blighted areas. People in the know have always suspected there was a financial motive for this. Now, all of a sudden out of state companies are interested in investing? 

This project has really got a bad smell!

Have the out of state companies that are supposedly interested in revitalizing Hannibal, been waiting in the wings for all these properties to ‘Fall apart a little more’.

When a person has been found to be unethical as Lagarce has, we can only guess who will profit from City Hall’s latest financial scheme.

Hark of a Deal, Ain’t It?

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Sunday 18th September 2016

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That’s Fines???    

Fine = $100 per day

From the Hannibal Courier Post - August 16 edition (Read Full Story Here)

The door of opportunity is closing for a building owner in downtown Hannibal to come into compliance regarding a door without penalty.

During Monday’s special meeting of the Historic District Development Commission (HDDC) the four members in attendance agreed to have Building Inspector Joey Burnham send a letter to the owner of 308 N. Main St., advising that a $100 fine per day will be imposed until a door in compliance with historic district guidelines is installed. The HDDC has been in communication with the owner of the building regarding the door, not with the owner of the business that operates inside.

Meanwhile in the REAL HANNIBAL -

Fine = $0 per day 

Well, Well, Well, Isn’t that just fine!

Vacant Residential lot just off Warren Barrett used as a Dumping Ground


Hark of a deal, Ain’t it?

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